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HyperCom Network Ltd

Hypercom Network is an Integrated Information technology service provider dedicated in aiding businesses in Nigeria and around the world increase their profitability and efficiency.

Established in January 2000 by Joshua A. Denila, we have grown to become a trusted partner of many businesses from small and medium enterprises (SME) to big corporations.

Our approach of deploying cutting edge next generation Internet Technologies combined with Internet Marketing and Creative Web Design, helps businesses enhance performance by leveraging the power of the internet to automate and extend their business processes online.

Our capabilities and extensive experience in the online market ensures our clients receive high quality and cost efficient business solutions designed, produced and developed by our knowledgeable and experienced web strategists.

We have a diverse team of experts including internet technologies consultants, interactive and web designers and online business management consultants, not to mention our friendly sales and customer-support executives.

At Hypercom Network, we are firmly committed to producing effective solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the right solutions for all our customers and see the solutions through to its success, providing quality service throughout the process.

Hypercom-Scotia Signed Up to deploy RFID Container Tracking solution in NIgeria

Hypercom-Scotia Signed Up to deploy RFID Container Tracking solution in NIgeria. Read more